If you have ever tasted Iskender Kebab, you know by now that just after the butter is drizzled over the top of Iskendar Kebab, It's like there's a party in your mouth. And everyone's invited.

Without doubt, you can find the best Iskender in Tri-state area at Ibo Iskender. Indeed you can see many Turkish people traveling from other states to cure their Iskender homesicknese here.

Ibo Iskender also offers mouthwatering doner (Gyro) and and other delicious kebabs.

Whether you are a foodie searching for your next to go restaurant or simply missed eating Iskender Kebab, look no further. Ibo Iskender is the place to visit.

* We are a BYOB restaurant.

  About Iskender Kebab  

Iskender Kebab is made by slicing off bits of döner kebab onto pide bread thats been cut into small squares. Its then covered with melted better, a spiced tomato sauce and creamy yogurt is served next to it. Often roasted peppers and tomato are served with it. Its one of the more filling kebabs and is truly delightful when all the flavors combine to perfection.

  Visit Us  

We are open Tuesday to Sunday 11am to 10pm.

We are conveniently located at 169 Anderson Avenue in Fairview. Parking is available on site.

Click on HERE for driving and walking directions.


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